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Connect to Divine Mother Energy and Deeply Heal Your Relationships

Understanding your interaction with divine mother energy will help to bring clarity to all relationship dynamics and give you guidance on creating loving and empowered boundaries.

Divine Mother Energy is such a powerful, nurturing, supportive force that as soon as we feel disconnected from this - we find ourselves trying our best to hook back in.  The problem is, we are often trying to hook into the wrong places to receive this energy and causing relationship dynamics that are not harmonious or sustainable.

We receive divine mother energy primarily from the earth – flowing through all of the natural world. We can connect to it by working with earth energies and aligning with the creative force of nature.

The earth is our mother, both physically and energetically - meaning that as well as being physically birthed here on earth, from her body, fed by her and protected by her, we are also energetically connected to her.  We are emotionally and spiritually supported by her all of the time, our energy fields are within hers and we hold a reflection of the earth within us.  If we bring our awareness to this level of understanding, we can receive emotional and spiritual support as well as the physical support we receive everyday.

The earth is able to give us an unlimited stream of this support, love and nourishment.  However, many of us have disconnected from her energetically, emotionally and mentally and this leads to a feeling of lack, emotional undernourishment and a general feeling of being unsupported.

This disconnection is both from the way many of us now live, and also in our way of thinking and being.  We are under constant fire from 'lack and fear programming' - to feel as if all of our human brothers and sisters may attack us at any time, that we are surrounded by hostility - or the hostility itself is increased to make this a reality for many people.  We then start shutting our connections down to the outside world as a form of protection.  Going inwards for safety.  However, we often sub consciously also cut off our connection to the supportive energies around us as well and we resist receiving all the nourishment and love that they are streaming to us all of the time.

The divine mother energy is perhaps one of the most important streams of energy in terms of emotional nourishment and support.  Without our connection to this we feel weak, unprotected and alone.  We start looking for this unconditional love in the relationships around us and feel resentful when it is not given.  It can make us feel competitive with others, whether they are siblings, other family members or just acquaintances - in our search for mother energy, we may be looking at all sorts of 'mother' types to gain this from and compete with others for.

I can see this playing out in so many relationship dynamics - some quite unexpected.  The solution is to start observing and understanding where this dynamic is showing up for you.  Forgive yourself and others and decide to shift your focus for unconditional love and acceptance, to connecting more to the earth and nature.  Simple steps to do this are to FULLY understand your connection with the earth. Start appreciating the wisdom, intelligence and AWARENESS that is all around you. Learn to speak with her, ask for guidance, for support and connection.

If you would like to dive deeper into earth connections, working with nature energies and learning how to communicate, seek guidance and live day to day on a deeper level of understanding and awareness - send me a message

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