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The Joy and Healing Power of Music

Taking time out to remember what brings us joy - and then doing it - simple and so important, but can feel difficult to find the time! Life can feel like it's getting busier and this is the time when we most need to take a breather, reflect and remember the bigger picture.

I am bringing in daily and weekly practices to keep me on track - one of which is listening to live music. This was inspired by stumbling upon a wonderful musician Nathaniel Truscott, playing his set on Saturday evening- reminded me about the huge amount of musical talent there is and how little of it I access when I only listen to a bit of radio and don't get out there and discover more. Those singers and songwriters who write from the heart, open their souls to us and it is really powerful to listen to them live - it's an amazing gift that they share with us and I'm not sure that they all realise how much healing their music brings to the planet. Music is vibration and when it is authentic and written for the joy of making music, it raises the vibration of not only those who listen to it, but of the planet - authentic and heart centred musicians - you are literally healing the planet!!

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