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For those who feel a deep connection to the wild and would like to clarity on how this is central to your life's purpose


You will learn to enhance your psychic connection with nature and the wild, to communicate with nature beings and shape-shift into their energy


The Wild Earth Seer - Path of the Elementals program will give you the tools:

  •  to learn to communicate with the nature beings and archetypal energies that are associated with each realm

  • to learn more ways to psychically connect with nature energies

  • to work more deeply with your ancestors and learn about who they are

  • to connect with your star family and your guides within inner earth

  • to balance, activate and understand more about your flow of divine masculine and divine feminine energies

  • to receive a powerful program of activations, psychic expansion and clarity on your soul purpose path as you anchor more and more into new earth frequencies

Now is a time of action. We are being ca
Now is a time of action. We are being ca

Learn more about who you are, your star family, light codes, elemental frequencies, ancestral gifts and what you are here to bring.


Deepen your intuition, your connection to your guides and open up your spiritual gifts.


Learn to communicate with nature beings and energies, seek guidance from the earth, balance your energy bodies with crystals and shape-shift with animals.



You have all the frequencies of the universe inside of you - all the gifts, the psychic abilities to communicate with landscapes, animals, plants, weather systems and understand more of who you are.

Wild Earth Seer - Path of the Elementals gives you the tools, practices, guidance and support to unleash your wild nature self and TRUE purpose in the world.

Now is a time of action. We are being ca
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Every part of the natural world has awareness and consciousness. Each point of awareness can be communicated with, asked counsel and guidance and will support you in a complex and myriad of ways.


Rocks, crystals, plants, trees, forests, sea, beach, valley, river, mountain – each type of landscape and each constituent part will have layers of awareness.


Learn how to shapeshift with your senses, feel deeply into the energies of soil consciousness, dryad energy, the fae and a multitude of guiding beings here to support you on your soul purpose path.

Bring new levels of awareness to your work as you are guided by earth energies and the profound ways that nature consciousness wants to move through your gifts, offers and the way you share your energy with the world.

"I just want to say thank you to Bethan for such a beautiful Wild Earth Seer course. I am having some big shifts and activations and my connection to nature has become so much deeper this last week since doing the visualisations and practices. Some of them bought me tears as I connected with a deep part of myself that feels so connected to nature and the elements. It feels like a re-membering and soul level activation. I feel really grateful to you Bethan for helping activate this in me in such a deeper way."

This is what is included in your Wild Earth Seer - Path of the Elementals program. 

 See below this for the Practitioner Program, which is also included.

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A workbook with guidance, journaling prompts and energy practices.


Guided visualisation for Journey One with worksheets to deepen your understanding of the messages and guidance from the elemental energies and the Council of 9.

Three 'Diving Deeper' Visualisations to deepen your relationship with the Council of 9 and the energy tools in Journey One

Bonuses: Mother Earth Father Sun Visualisation and Activation and an Elemental Clearing and Balancing Ritual.

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Weekly Spiritual Reset (22).png
Weekly Spiritual Reset (24).png

Guided visualisation for Journey Two to connect with the Realm of Soil and your Divine Human Blueprint.

Guided visualisations, energy practices and journaling prompts to connect with your ancestral energies.

Guided journey into shapeshifting with soil beings.

Energy practice to connect to your core truth.

Guided visualisation for Journey Three to connect with the Realm of The Surface. 

Journaling and energy practices to work with your divine masculine energy, receive his support and bring this energy to your soul purpose work

Guided journey to connect with Yew dryad.

Guidance on working with plant spirit.

Weekly Spiritual Reset (25).png

Guided visualisation for Journey Four to connect with the Realm of The Air.

Journaling and energy practices to work with your divine feminine energy, to balance, activate and create more flow.

Guided journey to integrate all aspects of your divine feminine energy.

Guided journey to balance your feminine and masculine energies.

Lightning activation.

Guided visualisation for Journey Five to connect with the Realm of Inner Earth.

Guided Visualisation to connect with your star family.

Journey to connect with your Agartha guide.

Recorded workshop to connect with crystal energies and psychically communicate with them.

In Addition:

A year of access to the full program online (and lifetime access to any parts of the program you wish to download).

Any additional journeys, practices, journalling, energy work that is channeled for the program - this will be added as and when it comes through.

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Your guides are speaking to you through nature in many different ways. Much of nature you see around you is a physcial manifestation of other planes of consciousness that you would ordinarily categorise as star beings, angels, guides, ancestors - start reaching out to them and recognising their messages.

Your greatest spiritual journey on earth is to connect to the earth, the cosmos and all nature beings on every level possible.  To step into their frequencies, to communicate, to connect and to form deeper relationship.

You can easily learn to communicate, receive messages and guidance from the beings all around you.  Join us on the Wild Earth Seer program to learn how to communicate, receive healing, guidance and support from all the beings and nature energies around you.

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