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inner child healing


Deep Energy Work and Journeying to step into more Abundance, Joy and your SOUL PATH

I provide a Rite of Passage journey to move into DEEP inner child transformation and to powerfully align with your source energies of abundance and joy- and your SOUL PATH.

On this journey you will receive guidance, support and energy work to uncover the layers of limiting beliefs and patterns that have been so far showing up in work, life and relationships, holding you back from the fullest freedom, love and joy that is available to you.

You will be given the tools and guidance to not only re-write old beliefs, to move back into who you REALLY are and always were, but to embody these and energetically align with the new beliefs (your true source codes) - the step that anchors these in place.

Together, we create a sacred portal of transformation, a space for you to expand safely back into who your inner child is longing to be, free, wild, intuitive, joyful and fully HERSELF.

She inevitably steps into abundance and joy.  She aligns with her SOUL PATH and there is then no stopping her!!

Inner child healing

3 Journeys, One Destination

Your Rite of Passage is divided into three journeys - each one a unique experience and each one supporting you to step further on your path of

self discovery and transformation. 

Now is a time of action. We are being ca

Journey I - The Foundations

What do you Believe and Setting Yourself Free

Dissolving limiting beliefs about yourself, understanding root causes of limiting patterns that are still playing out.  Shifting what you believed about yourself and re-writing the narrative.  Ending self judgement, stepping into your inner confidence, anchoring this and feeling fully free expressing who you are.    

Feeling, embodying and BEING your true frequencies and aligning with your Soul Path - taking your steps into abundance and joy.

Now is a time of action. We are being ca

Journey II - Magical Manifestor

Goals, Dreams and Creator Codes:  Dissolving the Blocks - What Are You Here To Create? 


Moving past what is holding you back and understanding more of what you are here to create and how you do it, YOUR unique codes.  Step into what you are here to BE and DO.  Understanding the highest expression of your Soul Path and KNOWING what you are here to do.  Stepping into CREATING.

Now is a time of action. We are being ca

Journey III - Wild Nature Child

Coming Home


Nature Consciousness, Connection and the Full Expression of the Divine Inner Child.  Move into magic.  Understand more of who you are and work with the inner child to fully integrate your multidimensional self, your star codes, your gifts and Personal Power.  Magic beyond belief - understanding your gifts, stepping into them more powerfully and creating a new way of being.

"You will be diving deep into your inner beliefs - many or most have been hidden up until now - showing themselves through patterned behaviours, limiting beliefs and alot of the time through what you are not doing - areas you hold back, resist, don't feel confident enough to move into.  All of this will shift and transform."

Each journey:

A sacred portal and space for transformation with an intimate group of like minded and supportive souls on their awakening path

Magical teachings


Guided visualisations, Activations and Journeys


Supported journalling

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Journey I: The Foundations

I will support you to step out of self-judgement.  To uncover the ways the inner critic voice is showing up and find the deep rooted beliefs about yourself that this is stemming from.  We will work to re-write this programming.  The limiting beliefs you hold are not true - they were picked up or imprinted and it is time to feel and embody the truth about yourself.

This will shift things in your life, relationships and work.  As the deep rooted beliefs are re-written, your actions, thoughts, ways of interacting with the world completely change.

I want you to feel the freedom of letting go of the thoughts, patterns and long held beliefs that simply do not serve you.  I want you to feel the freedom of stepping into your inner child's deep intuition, inner confidence and clarity - feel her guidance in each step you take on your soul purpose journey.



Ali Camden-Smith

Intuitive Energy Coach

Jan Bowring

"Hi Bethan my words do not really do the course justice. Thank you so much.  Xxxx

I took Bethan’s Inner child programme because I felt a big gap in my connection with my inner child and her needs. I wanted to understand how this was impacting on my day to day life.

The programme I took ran over four weeks it was full of carefully crafted tasks, meditations, Zoom calls and a manual.

I really loved the way the course was so well designed, one step leading to the next, guiding gently into deep introspection and understanding. It helped so much to get in touch with whole areas of me I had totally forgotten about or even blocked. It enabled me to dig deep and feel so much more. I came away feeling that I had really achieved a grounded relationship with my inner child and it feels so special and spacious.

Bethan was an excellent mentor and always ready to help with new perspectives and guidance as the journey unfolded. I would say if you are contemplating this type of work this is an excellent course and Bethan is such a brilliant and joyful person to learn from."

"I was really neglecting my own inner child and I felt a huge disconnection to her which showed up in myself too. Bethan's Inner Child Rite of Passage programme was perfect for all I wanted to achieve in a renewing a relationship with my inner child.

Right from the start I knew it was exactly what I needed. It felt magical journey, deeply emotional at times whilst recognising and acknowledging the wounds that were no longer serving me.

Joyful and celebratory moments as I recognised the uniqueness of me and with Bethan's guidance could look at things differently and completely reframe them as strength and not weaknesses or things to feel negative about.

I feel so much more grounded now in the wholeness of myself. More complete and content.

I without any reservation highly recommend this to anyone who feels disconnected to themselves and feels part of you is missing or misunderstood even by yourself.

This programme feels like a powerful key to so much of the answers we seek.

Thank you so much Bethan X"

"The World needs your brilliance and your light.  The world needs the parts of you that you have hidden, the parts you have turned away from.  This is where your magic lies and it is time to set it free"

Inner child healing

What to expect

Over each four week journey, you will receive at the beginning of each week, a worksheet with journaling prompts to explore.

I will fully expect you to reach out to me on messenger for support and clarity anytime you are feeling stuck - so make use of this element of support in the program!  You can ask questions at any time, ask for clarity or help in really exploring the journaling prompts.  I will also keep you accountable and check in on you.

The journaling does not need to take up a lot of time - your commitment in the week can be from ten minutes upwards plus the live call that we have.

For three out of four weeks on each journey, there is a live call.  This is another opportunity to ask questions but also a space for us to move deeper into this work with a guided journey.  I will also share more insights and teachings around inner child energetics.

You will be diving deep into your inner beliefs - many or most have been hidden up until now - showing themselves through patterned behaviours, limiting beliefs and alot of the time through what you are not doing - areas you hold back, resist, don't feel confident enough to move into.  All of this will shift and transform.  From week one, the people I have taken through this journey, experienced profound insight and change.  Once you start working with your inner child she steps up to the transformation with you - she is a huge ally.  She holds intuitive gifts, wisdom and much guidance for your time on earth.  As she is released from the beliefs she was holding for you, she integrates with your wider awareness and releases all her gifts to you.  This is tangible and I will be guiding you to feel into your gifts and deeper intuition within the journey too.

Together with the worksheet and journaling prompts, the LIVE call and your individual messenger support, there will also be bonus prompts to keep you shifting and transforming.

This program does not require a huge amount of time, but a commitment to yourself, to completing the journaling and showing up or catching up on the calls.  You must be ready to deep dive and explore more of who you are, to be excited about change and what this could bring.  The more committed to this you are - the more profound the changes.  I am committed to you and your journey - I know how this work changes things for people and I hold the highest intention for each of you in the journey.  I can't wait to welcome you onto this path with the inner child.  Please reach out if you have ANY questions at all.

Contact me if you would like to be added to the GROUP program wait list.  I also offer the program as a completely 1:1 option - please get in contact for more details, there are options to start this program throughout the year.
Now is a time of action. We are being ca
Now is a time of action. We are being ca
Now is a time of action. We are being ca
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