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Programs for Psychic and Spiritual Connection to Nature
to Step Deeper into Your Unique Gifts and Soul Path

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Your elemental self is ready to RISE, your wild nature, your intuition, your spiritual and healing gifts as you step into your divine blueprint and TRUE place in nature.

If you have felt a deeper and deeper urge to connect with nature on every level, to understand yourself as part of the whole, to receive guidance from mother earth and to step more onto your Soul Path and what you are here to do - learn more about how the programs on Earth Rising Academy can help you.


Weekly Spiritual Reset (35).png

FIVE journeys to anchor into new earth frequencies and the four realms of New Earth and bring about a stronger psychic and spiritual connection with nature.


I have taken many 1:1 clients through these journeys, all of whom received huge leaps in clarity in their soul purpose work, psychic gifts, their nature consciousness and awareness and ability to communicate with the wild.


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For those who feel a deep connection to the wild and would like to clarity on how this is central to your life's purpose


You will learn to enhance your psychic connection with nature and the wild, to communicate with nature beings and shape-shift into their energy

Now is a time of action. We are being ca

Deepen your intuition, your connection to your guides and open up your spiritual gifts.


Learn more about who you are, your star family, light codes, elemental frequencies, ancestral gifts and what you are here to bring.


Learn to communicate with nature beings and energies, seek guidance from the earth, balance your energy bodies with crystals and shape-shift with animals.


Now is a time of action. We are being ca
Now is a time of action. We are being ca

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Practitioner Training to bring your love and experience of nature connection to others, to integrate it into your work, whether you are a forest school teacher, yoga teacher, healer, forest bather, creative, mindfulness coach, well-being practitioner or more, there are ways that you know you want to integrate the elements and nature energies into your work.

This six module program gives you the tools and practices to help others to spiritually and psychically connect with nature.  You will learn how to lead deep nature connection walks, create guided meditations and visualisations with specific goals and to connect with specific nature energies, shape-shifting, working with plant and tree essence and more.


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Every part of the natural world has awareness and consciousness. Each point of awareness can be communicated with, asked counsel and guidance and will support you in a complex and myriad of ways.


Rocks, crystals, plants, trees, forests, sea, beach, valley, river, mountain – each type of landscape and each constituent part will have layers of awareness.


Learn how to shapeshift with your senses, feel deeply into the energies of soil consciousness, dryad energy, the fae and a multitude of guiding beings here to support you on your soul purpose path.

Bring new levels of awareness to your work as you are guided by earth energies and the profound ways that nature consciousness wants to move through your gifts, offers and the way you share your energy with the world.

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