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This program offers you an understanding of the deeper energy dynamics, the methods of working with these energies, tools, techniques and practices.

Deepen your intuitive tools, how to work safely with the inner child, how to understand deeper root causes to limiting beliefs and patterns and how to get clarity for the people you work with.  You will be working through a deeply powerful process of psychically connecting with the inner child, of communicating with her and supporting her in the most nourishing and effective way to fully heal and integrate her energies.

I support you with the practical tools and processes, together with the theory of inner child energetics.  Book a discovery call below to find out more about this practitioner program.


Training for holistic practitioners, energy workers and mindset coaches

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I feel that my process of inner child work is the most powerful way you can shift sub-conscious blocks and resistance for your clients.  You will be able to hold space and create shifts on a deeply psychic level and uncover sub-conscious beliefs that had been completely hidden from view. 

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