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How Healing Your Inner Child Can Open Up Your Inner Wisdom and Guidance

Working with your inner child, rather than against her will completely transform your inner critic - so the little voice in your head works for you instead of against you.

Many people discuss inner child energies - but I have been wanting a really clear understanding of exactly what these points of awareness are and how these energy dynamics work within us.  I have been finding that as I heal these aspects within myself, I have released much powerful guidance and insights that are really useful in an earthly perspective, ie they are not quite as ethereal or ungrounded as the higher perspective guidance that we receive from our higher self or guides, and instead can give really practical advice and insights for work, relationships and the very physical reality we are living within on earth.

First, I’d like to give an overview of the different streams of consciousness or information working through us.  These can be divided into two groups.

1.Those unique to us and within our own being

- Our body consciousness (made up of all the collective awareness and consciousness of our cells, dna, organs etc)

- Our soul or higher self

- Our hurt inner child

- Our programming

The latter two having limited awareness and the first two having expanded awareness.

2.Those streams that are universal and interact, merge and integrate with everyone and everything in the natural world

These include elemental energies, nature energies, cosmic energies etc.  (These streams of energy and consciousness are fundamental to our well being and having open channels of flow and communication will support optimum health.  Many people block or resist these energies when they are in fear or lack programming – as a form of protection we shut down from the outside world but unfortunately also shut down from these very beneficial energies.)

The Whole Inner Child

Within the first group of energies - those unique to our own being - the WHOLE INNER CHILD is the combined energy of Body Consciousness and the Soul.

The WHOLE inner child is the combined energy and the combined WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE of these two streams of consciousness.  The body having wisdom and knowledge of how to navigate THIS particular incarnation and this particular planet.  The soul having expanded knowledge of all your life times, of cosmic frequencies and the bigger picture of life on earth.  We are here to integrate these two inner child energies - the earthly inner child or body consciousness and the cosmic divine inner child  or soul.

The Hurt Inner Child

Now, when most people are talking about healing inner child energies - they are referring to the HURT inner child.  This is the collective parts of our body consciousness that disassociated from our collective energy or body to hold onto pain or hurt.  This happened at a time when we could not process the pain or hurt ourselves, it felt too much.  So part of our body consciousness broke away and held onto it for us until we could heal, process, and re-integrate this energy.

When you heal the inner child, you are therefore re-integrating some of your body consciousness.  This integration is extremely powerful, since much of your energy may have been needed to hold onto the pain for you.  Each part of your body has wisdom and knowledge of how to navigate your time on earth, so this healing process can also reveal much insight, guidance and talents or gifts as you release this energy and allow it to be re-integrated.

Your Guidance on Earth

There is a part of your earthly inner child consciousness that has guidance for each part of your life here on earth.  Connecting with these points of awareness is very powerful and will give you very practical advice.  Healing your hurt inner child allows more access to this inner wisdom.

Inner child hurts are many and varied, with all of us carrying so many that we are continually triggered by other people and whole relationships can be destroyed by people's unawareness of their hurt inner child and how this part of themselves is expressing and reacting to situations.  I will go into more detail about the hurt inner child in another post because it is a huge topic!

Learning to communicate with your inner child is an amazing tool.  If you'd like to discuss more about your experiences with inner child energies, how these may be showing up in your life and how to heal your hurt inner child, you can schedule a free chat with me here 

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