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Stepping Into Your Adult Energies

I've been thinking recently about our adult energies - whether or not we are fully stepping into them. I feel as if many, or most of us, do not step into them fully, or very much at all. Our adult energies are not all different in nature to our childhood energies, but they include more of the nurturing, protecting, being responsible, making fair decisions for the good of all, giving guidance to the young elements that go along with the responsibilities of being later on in our human life. As we near the elder energy, our wisdom and energies would permeate everything we do. I can see in myself, and reflected in the world around me, that many times those of us who are actually adults, do not fully express adult energy. Our elders - those who watch over us, make decisions for the good of the tribe, are fair and just - are our politicians. Currently, they are not expressing the adult energies that are required of such a position.

When we have unresolved childhood trauma it holds us back from fully stepping into our adult energies - healing the inner child will gradually allow us to step in. I've been linking this up with the process of initiation ceremonies - and that one of the benefits of these is that all our inner child energies can be introduced to our adult energy and the person we have grown into. This aids their healing and their understanding of what we are now capable of and how much stronger we now are.

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