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Outer Action or Inner Work?

Challenging times at the moment. I am feeling the need to take action strongly - others may want to concentrate on keeping their inner peace and resolve grounded and centred - or a combination of both. Whether you want to get out in the world and change it for the better with action, or whether you want to make a difference by working on your personal development and how you can best send out positive vibrations and healing energies - both are valid. I think we do need to connect more with our communities right now - so at the very least, connecting with the people around us on any level at all will be beneficial for uniting us and dissolving feelings of separateness.

I'm finding that visualisations are beneficial and two that are useful to repeat each day are sending out the light of truth and a visualisation for keeping our heart space open.

Hold truth in your mind, think about what it means to you and visualise it as a colour. Send this colour out as a healing light to all the places you wish for truth. (With recent observations, I would also visualise understanding, discernment and any other vibration that you feel will enable the truth to be integrated into people's understanding - since although truths are surfacing, there seems to be a lot of untruths and powerful communication channels that are also sending out lots of information).

Any energetic tool to keep yourself grounded and centred will be useful - and particularly any tool or visualisation to keep your heart space open. Visualising your heart surrounded by pink, unconditional love, expanding and expanding, to surround you with pink light and then sending this out into the world (maybe a huge surge to Westminster in the first instance would be nice - obviously only one of a large number of priorities) - send it around the whole globe. I think it's also nice to see it connecting to all the other hearts around the country and globe - they are all expanding and people are waking up - we must keep hold of this truth. Oh, and to strengthen your visualisation of building up the unconditional love and the pink light around your heart, think of the people in your life who you love or the animals, plants, the earth and the unconditional love you feel for them - this will get you to send out exactly the vibration you want to, and visualising it as a colour will focus your intent.

Many media outlets are filling us with fear and chaos - the truth is that the majority of people on the planet are awake or awakening and the truth of reality WILL come out. We are all becoming more heart centred and we need to keep hold of that thought.

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