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Grounding Your Energy

It's important to have grounding tools to hand all year round, and to remember to use them whenever you are feeling: anxious, overwhelmed, worry, sadness, deep emotions that are hard to process, unable to focus on one task and moving from one thing to another and generally feeling out of centre or balance.

There are also particular days or times of the year when you will want to use your grouding tools - when shifts in energy and the waves hitting the earth intensify - grounding your energy will be your best tool.

You'll be enabling yourself to integrate energies into the physical and you'll be assisting the planet to do so too.

Try one or some of the following:

Get out in nature, go barefoot, wear red shoes or socks, sit with grounding stones such as tourmaline, hematite, pyrite, visualise roots or a grounding cord reaching down from your feet to the giant transmuting crystal at the centre of the earth.

Strengthen your practice by calling your name down your roots or cord, visualise writing your name on a weight at the bottom of the roots or cord and see it drop down to the crystal.

Focus your energy (which simply means bring your attention to) your hara point (around three fingers width below your naval). In your head instruct your energy to focus here. Feel your feet solid on the ground and know that you are grounded, stable and your energy is focussed.

For maximum effect on the solstice, do this work outdoors if you can, feet in the ground and sun bathing your face, feel the energy of the summer sun.

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