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Freedom From Your Own Beliefs

I've been reflecting on what freedom means - and how the restrictions around us affect our perception of freedom. Specifically, I've been thinking about the restrictions we put on ourselves. How can we be more free from our own thoughts and beliefs that are potentially restricting our potential, our dreams and our hope?

Energy healing can remove ties, cord and hooks and dismantle structures that are built around us. We can clear our auras and strengthen them to reduce the impact of others' thoughts and beliefs impacting on our perception of freedom or our restrictions. When I work with someone's aura, I can sense and feel the ties they have placed on themselves through learned beliefs.

I think a first step is to recognise areas in our life where we are putting restrictions on ourselves. Reflect on what is really going on and what is the objective reality? We are more free than we think and we can make moves to recognise this and fully step into it. I've made a video reflecting on this on my you tube channel here

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