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Channelling and Understand Your Emotions

Emotions are signals from our souls that something is out of alignment, either within ourselves or in the collective.

There are times when the world seems to be in chaos and people are suffering at the hands of others, that emotional reactions in us will rise up and overflow. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions right now, it is because you are connected to everything and everyone and you know that there is fear, imbalance and feelings of separateness in the collective.

Listen to your emotions, feel them and most of all HONOUR them.

In times of anger or rage at the seeming chaos and suffering, the emotions are letting you know that action needs to be taken. Sustainable and useful action doesn't come directly from the rage or anger - this is just the signal to you, it is the messenger. Sit with it, meditate with it, embrace it - then ask it for the solution. Feel it in your body, visualise it, then ask it for constructive solutions for the highest good of all. You WILL get answers, and we WILL work on this together.

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