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Soul Frequency Reading

Soul Frequency Reading

'Wow could I just say almost everything is resonating with me....I will listen to this again and again and will meditate on the message'


'Thank you so much for the reading, it was really, really interesting. I am going to have a third and fourth listen to it. So much of it resonated, it was great, felt like it was spot was a fabulous reading and I loved the way you did it and delivered it'


'Beautiful Bethan, thank you so much. So many pieces fell into place'


Our inner child wants to feel the full meaning of our life - to know why they are valuable and unique. When we don't feel and embody this value and uniqueness, we are constantly looking outside of ourselves for validation. We may feel ungrounded and not clear on what we need to do or explore more - which direction to take. You may find it hard to focus on one thing, and this can go hand in hand with not trusting yourself or your intuition to give you the next step.


Understanding yourself on an energetic and frequency level can speak to your soul and give you greater clarity on why you do what you do and why you are drawn to particular areas of work or modalities - it can also give insight into how you interact with people and they way they respond to you.


If you'd like clarity in this area - on your Soul Purpose and Your Unique Energy Imprint - I offer Soul Frequency Readings that give you three layers of clarity and information.


First - the guides who are around you now and particularly assisting with your life's purpose and how they are doing this.


Secondly - your soul frequencies - the energies that you hold and bring into each incarnation, the way you share energy, your way of being and connecting with others, how you shift and activate people


Thirdly - your life frequencies - the energies that you hold that you are particularly activating and connected to in this lifetime. These give you more insight into your gifts and abilities, and how you are here to show up in your full potential.


This is a REMOTE reading.  You will be emailed an audio recording of the reading, with all messages, guidance and insights, within 48 hours of booking.


BONUS - when you complete your booking, you wil l be sent a Crystalline Activation - a guided visualisation to activate your crystalline frequencies and new earth energies.

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