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Connecting with your Ancestors  Self Study 4 week program

Connecting with your Ancestors Self Study 4 week program

This workbook takes you through a 4 week programme of connecting with your ancestors.  


You will be deepening your relationship with them, learning more about who they are and how to connect with them energetically, and how to embody their gifts.  

You will be meeting different ancestral groups from all over the cosmos to receive messages and guidance. You will also be clearing and healing any blocks to receiving their gifts and magic.


The workbook is a 4 week course of diving deep into your ancestral line and discovering who you are and includes journalling prompts, energy practices, guided visualisation and activations. 


Throughout the four weeks you will be connecting with the energy of the soil and sensing into your ancestral roots within the soil.  You will learn how to connect more deeply with your ancestors and how to clear anything that is blocking you receiving their gifts and support.  You will also be receiving an energetic initiation into soil, the first realm of new earth.  


The workbook includes links with downloadable audios, energy practices and guided visualisations/activations.


Week One
Part One – Creating Intentions and Anchoring these in (includes recorded energy practice and short audio discussion)
Part Two – Understanding Who You Are


Week Two
Part One – Initiating healing, where is it needed?
Part Two – Working on Forgiveness to clear the flow of Ancestral Energy (includes short audio discussion)


Week Three
Part One – Embodying who you really are and Connecting to the parts of you that have been pushed away (includes recorded energy practice)
Part Two – Guided Journey to Meet Your ‘Circle of Ancestors’ (includes activation/guided visualisation)


Week Four
Part One - Activating Your Gifts (includes activation/guided visualisation)
Part Two - Activation into the Soil (includes activation/guided visualisation)

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