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Rise of Your Elemental Self - Guided Visualisation

Rise of Your Elemental Self - Guided Visualisation

Guided Visualisation to activate your 'Elemental Self' 


You are elemental.  You have nature energies flowing through you all of the time - balancing your physical and energy bodies - keeping open to these, receiving them is important for your wellbeing and health.   Rise of your elemental self, is the process of opening up to elemental flow - the energies connecting and moving through you - and of stepping into more of the nature frequencies you hold, bringing your awareness and attention to them.

YOUR WILD NATURE SELF resides partly in the light and partly in the shadow. She is seen and unseen, for there are still layers and layers of deep widsom and knowledge that she has yet to bring up to the surface.

There are parts of her that have been chastised and forbidden, elements of her power that have been diminished and held back.

You are drawn to Deep Nature Conneccion because SHE IS RISING. Deeper and deeper layers of your awareness are ready to be expanded into. More of your frequencies are ready to be activated.

Connect with EVERY part of yourself through Deep Nature Connection and this guided visualisation - Rise of Your Elemental Self. Listen to tvisualisations to expand into her frequencies and experience energy healing to clear the way for her to step up and bring every part of herself into the world.

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