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Energy Healing
Psychic and Spiritual Empowerment Coaching for
Spiritual Explorers, Visionaries and Creatives

I support spiritual explorers who are here to make a change in the world, whether it's through their work, how they interact with others or their own spiritual journey.  I offer programs and sessions of support that take two approaches - the dissolving of blocks, self-doubt and fear and the expansion of your spiritual and psychic awareness.  The two go hand in hand and are fundamental to you stepping onto your highest path of success, joy and deep fulfillment.

I support you to get a deeper level of clarity on your soul purpose path and a deeper understanding of who you are on a multidimensional level- what you are here to BE and DO.  I help you to let go of past conditioning, limiting beliefs and patterns and step into the full knowledge of your NOW MOMENT frequencies, energies, star codes, elemental frequencies.  You will gain crystal clarity on your gifts, confidence to work deeply with your intuition and supercharge your awareness to your next level of expansion.

My Custom 1:1 Program is Created for You and Combines the Following Steps:


Dissolving Uplevel Blocks and Self Sabotage
Clarity on Soul Purpose Path
Spiritual Awakening - Opening Your Psychic Gifts and Abilities
Understanding the Energy Dynamics of Your Work and Business
- Psychic Energy Coaching and Strategy for Expansion
Understand conflict, dissonance or resistance showing up in your life
Create more conscious and loving relationships and connections

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How I work to support you:

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Hi, I'm Bethan. 
Energy Intuitive, Psychic Channel and Energy Healer

I support spiritual explorers and visionaries on their awakening and soul path journey.  I help you to see clearly your soul purpose path, to get clarity on your gifts and bring brand new awareness on what you are here to create.

I offer healing and energy coaching to release old patterns and conditioning, to exponentially expand and uplevel your relationships, mindset, work life and goals.

I work with elemental energies, nature consciousness and inner child energetics. I channel higher guidance and connect with your higher self and guides to support you.

I am able to ignite your intuitive abilities, open up your awareness and knowledge of your gifts and unique frequencies, and give you clarity on your deepest soul path.


If you are ready to uplevel your power, intuition, magnetism, to create divine and loving relationships and feel deeply fulfilled in your life and work - I would love to chat with you!  

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Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Artist, Uma Sanghvi

Working with Bethan is one of the BEST decisions I ever made! It's as simple as that. Specifically, Bethan has helped me with everything from choosing aligned pricing in my business — to teaching me powerful energy tools to stay grounded and at peace around family members — to helping my body heal from physical symptoms. I'm a coach and spiritual mentor myself, and working with Bethan has deepened my own connection to the spiritual realm in joyful and unexpected ways — for example working with power animals. Her work is both mystical and highly practical. She has extraordinary spiritual gifts that she uses to help me with business stuff, health stuff, finances, relationships, inner child healing, ancestral healing and more. If you've been looking for a gifted mentor/healer/guide for your business and your life, I highly recommend signing up with Bethan. She's genuine and thorough and an amazing person to have on your side. You will love it. Thank you Bethan!!

Transformaional Life and Mindfulness Coach, Nichola, Pyrkos

I had my online Kick-off call with Bethan yesterday to focus on business development and was blown away by how much I received from that single session! As someone who is very self aware and have already done a lot of work on myself, I was struggling to identify my subconscious blocks preventing me from moving forward with my business. The lightbulb went off 5mins before the end of the session as I tapped into one of the raw issues/emotions which has been holding me back. This is pivotal for me because knowing what is at the root of the issue means I can finally start to address it.

I wrote down 10 take-home insights straight after the session on how I can start taking aligned steps in my business; and then another 5 insights which I picked up listening back to the zoom recording. All in 01.11.11!!! (the duration of the recording). I came off the call feeling pumped to start taking action, my head swirling with ideas and enthusiasm at the prospect of taking by biz baby to the next level under the guidance of such a kind gentle and intuitive soul. Thank you Bethan, I cannot wait for our work to officially begin!!

Transformational Business Coach, Misti Patrella, speaks about her experience of working with me. She gives you the lowdown on the TWO areas that we have shifted massively for her in our 1:1 work together.

Yoga Teacher and Mindfulness and Movement Coach, Beverley Ramani Hughes

Kerry Snell, Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach at Bright Being

I have just completed a 6 week soul purpose programme with Bethan and what a beautiful supportive and empowering journey.

I was drawn to this programme because I wanted to explore and understand the deeper barriers which are holding me back with stepping into the true me. 

Over the years I have worked on my confidence and my mental dialogue with myself in order to step into my dreams. Yet I have still not been able to move forward like I would like.

Meeting Bethan and working with her has been like a breath of fresh air and has really helped me to gain such a deeper understanding and perspective to my barriers and how I had been viewing myself and situation. Working with Bethan  was like a missing piece of the jigsaw of my life presented itself and has shown me a way forward.

Bethan has such a beautiful grounding, connective and intuitive way of working. Connecting with your energies within you and around you in order to help move from a place of feeling stuck to flowing and growing. But more importantly helping me understand my own energies and how I can use this to move forward and trust myself.

The weekly assignments set were very thought provoking and empowering, and reminded me the answers we seek are within us.

The inner child work we did was amazing. I have done some inner child work in the past, on a talking therapy level, which was helpful regarding increasing insight but I found this very limited. However I found how Bethan works with the inner child very empowering. The use of meditation which Bethan beautifully and supportively takes you through really helped me connect with my inner child in a way i have not connected with. I had to really feel what my inner child is trying to tell me, provide space for my inner child and reflect on what she is trying to teach me.

I have found it so freeing and empowering to develop a different relationship with my inner child and thus myself. I had never seen before that my inner child is my ally and can really help me. Whenever I am now feeling overwhelmed, vulnerable, resisting stepping forward or not betting on myself I pause and connect with my heart space and inner child and ask what she needs.

Being able to feel into my feelings, ground within myself, look within and trust myself with moving forward  are some of the key gifts Bethan has given me.

I can not thank Bethan enough for what our work together has given me.

If you are feeling lost, struggling to step forward, wanting to understand yourself on a deeper level and connect with your truth then I cannot recommend Bethan enough.

She will help you breath and believe in yourself and remind you the biggest gift is yourself and what you can offer out at this level.


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