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                        Ist Initiation: Elemental Goddess

An initiation into your Elemental Goddess to anchor in your most powerful creation and manifestation energy.

Initiating The Elemental Goddess Within - a 6 week immersive journey

She is you in your wholeness.  Where you are completely aware of who you are now and who you have been - the past experiences that have shaped you, the learnings, the challenges.

She observes.

She understands, accepts and learns.  She is strong, resilient and powerful.  She is intuitive, compassionate and fierce.  She leads herself on her unique path, not afraid to explore and play as she navigates her own journey to wholeness.

She connects with others whilst keeping here energy aligned with source.

She is wild and free.

She works in collaboration with the earth and universal wisdom.  She evolves and expands and creates tidal waves of change.

Each and every expansion of my business, work and personal growth has been when I am fully connected to my elemental goddess.  

I see huge leaps in success with my 1:1 clients as I take them through the process to fully embody this energy - they evolve their message and purpose to the most potent and powerful expansion of their work, they bring in more soul aligned clients and more abundance and uplevel their income consistently. I'm not teaching them new business strategies, I'm teaching them to read the intuitive nudges and to energetically align with success - the rest becomes inevitable.

They show up differently as they fully embody ALL parts of themselves, they energetically match their soul clients, their body feels safe to receive more success, love, abundance, joy, their actions and decisions come from a place of power and their highest energy - their conscious intentions match their inner world and they manifest like a mofo! They magnetise from a place of power.

Now I am creating a group program to take you on this powerful journey of initiation - I know that working together in sisterhood is going to make this work off the scale!

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Week One - Out of Reaction Mode and into Creation Mode.  Reclaiming your inner power of creation and manifestation.

Week Two - Past emotions - going into these as if reality now.  anchoring into the cutting edge.

Week Three - Good vs Bad, it's not happening to you, self-responsibility, trusting the universe is working for ou, letting go of disempowerment powerlessness, learned beliefs 

Week Four - intentions, future beliefs, self-awareness

Week Five - not properly anchoring and grounding - what is the fear - what' stopping you

Week Six - support in nature, balance of m and f, integrating these

Connecting to everything around you, not contracting energy, learning to expand and magnetise - not to be afraid.  

Inner child needs of each age.  Present moment awareness. Embodying your multidimensional self

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