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Learn the three ways you are staying in a plateau and how to breakthrough to limitless growth and the clarity and expansion you want 

Let's get you crystal clear on the invisible blocks that are currently keeping you at a standstill and unable to reach your biggest dreams and goals.


In this workshop, I take you through the energetics of being in a business plateau and the three things that keep you stuck.  I will be taking you through how these sub-conscious actions and beliefs get in the way of your next uplevel and how you can work with its potent energy of the plateau to breakthrough to your financial goals and limitless expansion.


Working with your energy and inner beliefs around what makes you stuck allows you to shift into your highest energy and expression - from here you create and manifest from your deepest desires and completely shift the energy of

In these three days you will:

Learn how you can finally step out of standstill and remove the blocks to your biggest dreams.

Create the inner shifts you need for your next uplevel so that you can expand beyond what you thought possible

Align with your source codes so that you create and manifest from your highest energy.


We start on Monday 23 May!
I'd love to welcome you on the journey.

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Hi, I'm Bethan.  Energetic Healer, Spiritual Empowerment Coach and Wild Woman for Visionary Coaches  wanting to uplevel their business.   Over the last ten years as an energy healer, energy intuitive, coach and spiritual teacher, I have created a powerful process for dissolving the deepest limiting beliefs, patterns and blocks to your next level of soul powered success and making space for huge spiritual and personal expansion.  

I create sacred containers to allow you to shift, release and recalibrate.  I help you to work gently with yourself, whilst bringing about powerful changes.  I know how to support you energetically for your next uplevel and I work with a variety of healing, energetic and spiritual tools to empower you to make the changes that shift you into your highest potential.  Working with me WILL supercharge your spiritual awakening, psychic gifts and your next level of expansion in your business and life- I would love to welcome you on this journey!

Now is a time of action. We are being ca
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